November 29, 2023


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Prefer the suitable wine coolers for hotels

Wine enthusiasts surely want to fend for their investment by utilising the best wine fridge, as people buy plenty of bottles more than they can consume in one month to keep them safe for flavour evolution as the drinks get old day by day. Accurate storage will safeguard your wine bottles from movement, temperature changes, heat and harmful effects of light. Whereas if you want more capacity to place bottles then a full height wine cooler will serve you better.

Full-height wine storage

If you want to double the joy of eating good food then adding good wine will surely work. Restaurants and hotels use full-height wine fridge which is usually energy-efficient and contain multi-temperature cabinets which portray excellence. Safe storage, filters of activated charcoal, UV protection, wrapped glass doors and differentiated compressors protect wine from getting exposed to detrimental influences.

Let’s explore which kinds of wine storage are suitable for catering and hotels.

  • Built-in wine fridge

If you want wine storage to match your existing furnishings then a built-in wine fridge is appropriate as it delivers a consolidated storage solution and can be fitted along bar walls or a large hotel kitchen. The presentation of the wine collection behind an insulated transparent door will allow customers to see easily and will allow them to pick their favourite drink without asking them again and again from the bartender.

  • Freestanding wine coolers

Freestanding wine fridges offer multi-temperature and excellent storage cabinets, various setting options and wide storage capacity. It can be used in hotels as it aids the preservation of wine at an ideal temperature, however, the temperature setting and model used by hotels evaluate how long wine can be kept at that temperature. Furthermore,  these fashionable cabinets attract customers by magnificently showcasing their collection of wine.

Factors to consider while buying a wine fridge or cooler

Wine fridges are regarded as refrigeration appliances that are specially made to maintain wine storage and preserve it at flawless temperature before it is presented for dinner or serving. If you are intending to purchase a fridge to keep wine safe then you must consider the following points: 

  • Storage potential

You must first analyse the number of bottles you want to store. If you intend to maintain a wine collection then probably you want a fridge that stores almost 50% more wine bottles than the fridge you already have. Because it is better to have more space in the fridge even if you don’t need it rather than having zero space when you badly need it. This is the factor which allows you to pick the best and most appropriate wine bridge.

  • Location

This factor will aid you in picking the right wine fridge from an integrated fridge, built-in or freestanding.

  • Temperature

You must know either you need a single-temperature wine fridge that is best for maintaining white and red wine or you need a dual-temperature fridge to keep a variety of wine bottles.


If you want to purchase a wine fridge for your hotel or home, your choice must consider the storage capacity, temperature preference and the positioning of the wine fridge.