November 29, 2023


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Make DIY Painted Arches In Your Home And Add Character To Your Spaces Instantly

Keeping our homes aesthetically appealing is something we all want to do but the situations are not always in the favour of that. The lack of finances, time, or the amount of effort required ends up drenching our plans and eventually drowning them. But still, some people do manage to keep the beauty alive in their homes and that happens as a result of keeping that zeal alive inside them. So, if you are zealous about maintaining the newness in your home then try experimenting with painted arches, which are absolutely easy and appealing.

What Are Painted Arches?

a woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: DIY painted arches

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DIY painted arches

You might be familiar with old-school home designs that had arch-shaped doors and entryways. The painted arches carry the same design theme forward only that, these patterns can be recreated over and over and will not make you feel bored at all. Some designs benefits that these painted arches offer are the addition of depth and an illusion of a bigger space in the room.

Further, the crispier the lines are the better and more defined the space looks adding a touch of a very contemporary home consisting of old school vibes disguised in a modern robe.

Where Can You Add Painted Arches

a dining room table: DIY painted arches

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DIY painted arches

First and foremost, arches are totally in the trends and if you love keeping up with them these are a must-try for your creative soul. You can add painted arches at the below-given places in your home:

Beside The Bed

If you have a small bedroom and it lacks character then adding personality to your room by painting arches on the sides of your bed is surely the way to go. Make sure the arches are not too big or too small, they should be of an optimal- medium size not much taller than the bed. After painting the arches, you can add identical side tables or lamps to fill in the space aesthetically.

On Monotonous Corners

There comes a point in everyone’s home decor journey when we actually get concerned about those dull corners of our home. One really cool way to bind all the elements of the room together while making it look fuller is to paint a low arch across the two walls connecting a vertex. Also make sure to match it with the colour of the rest of your room and voila, your whole room would now be in sync.

Over Empty Walls

DIY painted arches

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DIY painted arches

You can also take painted arches over tall empty walls and create an illusion of a doorway. However, you may paint the arch in chalkboard paint and use it as a blackboard or you may simply hang your hat and coats over it, you can experiment with endless possibilities as per your creativity.

How To Make A DIY Painted Arch

DIY painted arches

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DIY painted arches

If you liked the idea of having a painted arch in your home, then here’s what you can do to make it at home yourself.

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Stuff That You Need

  • Masking Tape
  • Chart Paper
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Pencil


  • Start by taking measurements of the wall you are going to paint the arch on.
  • Then make a perfect arch on the chart paper of the exact size and shape you want.
  • Cut out this arch and place it over the wall.
  • Trace the boundary of the arch on your wall and stick masking tape on the border precisely.
  • Next, remove the chart paper and start painting your arch, filling the colour inside the tape border.
  • After completing one coat, let the paint dry and paint over another coat after the first one dries.
  • And that’s it you will have your painted arch ready!

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If you think this idea worked for you then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.