June 25, 2024


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How to Get Your Children to Successfully Sleep in Their Own Bed

7 Steps To Stop Your Child Coming Into Your Bed At Night | HuffPost UK  Parents

Getting your child to sleep in their own bed can be a nightmare. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to get your child to successfully sleep in their own bed.

Create Clear Boundaries and Set Clear Expectations:

When it comes to your child’s bedtime, it’s vital that you set clear boundaries and expectations. You can’t expect your child to know what the difference is between right and wrong if they don’t understand or know where your child is coming from. It’s important to put a date in place as to when this is going to start, so you can mention it in a casual way, so they don’t think it has sprung upon them as a surprise. Perhaps saying something such as “you have been sleeping in my bed a lot recently, as from next Tuesday, you are going to start sleeping in your own bed again”- this way you can seem firm but fair and give your child a chance to prepare. 

Give Your Child a Clean Bedroom:

Let’s not lie, no one wants to sleep in a bedroom that is filthy. Therefore, it’s important that you spend the time ensuring your child’s bedroom is clean. Make sure that when they get in there, that they feel that their room is clean. Not only for hygiene purposes, but also because by you cleaning their room for them, it shows that you value and care for your child and it’s a way for you to show that you love and care for your child.

Get Into a Good Bedtime Routine:

Even as adults, we all need routine. Routine is a thing that we all rely on, and to be honest, thrives off especially when we feel productive. Therefore, it’s important that you begin to establish a healthy bedtime routine for your child, as this way you can ease the tension about bedtime and make them feel sleepy and content with going to their own room. A warm bath, a good dinner and a few books before bed is the trick. Don’t forget the cuddles too! When it eventually comes to time for the lights to be out, it’s important that you just turn the lights out and leave, so your child can get used to falling asleep in a room on their own.

Be Consistent:

It’s important to keep up with your consistency. Children will often try and push their limits with their parents. So, you must keep up the resilience. Expect tantrums and misbheaviour- but it’s vital that you keep the clear goal of what you wanted to achieve in your head. Take the time to explain to your child why it’s important for them to sleep in their own bed, and why they have to keep sleeping in their bed. 

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