July 17, 2024


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Our Picks for Classic Bedding Essentials – Becki Owens Blog

Our Picks for Classic Bedding Essentials – Becki Owens Blog


Our Picks for Classic Bedding Essentials – Becki Owens Blog

We often say that our decorating philosophy is less is more. However, this doesn’t mean less inviting or less luxurious. In fact, when it comes to creating beautiful bedroom spaces, we like to ensure they not only look but also feel wonderful. Today’s, styling tip is one of the key steps in creating a bedroom oasis – select high-quality bedding essentials.

Each of these bedroom designs have something in common. We’ve used our favorite classic sheet and duvet sets. We love a linen weave paired with our modern bedroom designs, to create an effortless, elegant look.

When clean lines are mixed with approachable linens, they give the space a welcoming warmth. A bedroom should be a place to sink in to, for rest and relaxation.

We love how our classic linen-weave duvet set is soft, relaxed and only gets better as it is washed. Made from the world’s finest French-grown flax our Cambridge duvet set is as luxurious as it sounds.

We’ve made shopping for complete bedding essentials effortless. All of our sheet and duvet sets are hand picked and available on Becki Owens Living. With several neutral colors to choose from including: gray, sand, sage, classic white and more, there is a color option for every space. Choose from both our linen-weave collection and sateen weave, balanced temperature regulated Tencel sheets. Our Tencel sheet set is a perfect alternative to our linen sheet sets if you prefer a smooth, sateen feel.

Shop all of our bedding essentials here on Beckiowensliving.com. Thank you for stopping by for today’s styling tip. Have a wonderful day!





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