December 3, 2023


Swing Your Home

Don’t Skip These Crucial Steps!


Did you know that building a home can cost about $200 per square foot? It’s a lot, and that’s excluding the expenses for the land.

The expenses would depend on how luxurious your home is and its size. Some have five rooms with three bathrooms, and others can have more.

They can even put additions to their house like a functional finished basement. If you have a typical basement, you might want to turn it into a living space.

Do you want to transform your basement? Keep on reading to know the steps and guides.


Assess Existing Basement

The first ideal step to a perfect basement renovation is evaluation. We’ll need you to check the basement and its entirety.

Ask yourself about your needs and wants. Do you need more space and storage? How much headroom would it occupy?

What type of living space would you want your basement to include? Is it a family room, a laundry area, an extra bedroom, or a game room?

After deciding what you want, next is to check what you’ll need. Try to inspect the condition of your basement and see if the desired project is doable. Check if you’ll need insulation, basement waterproofing, and others.

Part of your assessment is checking all the factors of your renovation. If you’re interested in waterproofing your basement, click here to find out more.

Finishing a basement is hard, but it’s achievable through do-it-yourself projects. Also, call professionals who can do the job best if you’re struggling to assess.


Planning Your Finished Basement: Don’t Skip These Crucial Steps!


Do a Basement Layout

After assessing, try and visualize your basement space. Think of a floor plan when you do a layout.

Imagine how you’ll use the area and what elements you’ll put. If you want the best basement remodel, you should ask people who can do a comprehensive plan.

They will give the layout for plumbing, electrical systems, etc. Also, a blueprint for heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system or HVAC.

We recommend hiring an experienced individual for this part of your project. Safety should always be your top priority for the family.

The floor plan will also show you the dimensions and the measurements of the room. You’ll be able to see a clear picture of what will happen before the construction starts.

Choose the Best Materials

If you’ve done all the assessment and blueprinting, move to choose the materials. Check the price and the quality of what you’ll be using.

Also, think of your working budget and pick the one within your money. For insulating a basement, and waterproofing, choose a top-grade material. You want to make your home durable, so don’t be cheap on this.

Be wise in choosing. Remember that this is your home. It should stand with you for years, even without you in it.


Planning Your Finished Basement: Don’t Skip These Crucial Steps!

Learn More About a Finished Basement Now!

Basement renovations are a good asset for your home. It can be a room that can turn beyond your imagination. Plan your finished basement now and enjoy its benefits.

But before even starting these renovations, get some permits. It will be most helpful when you plan to sell your house.

Do you want to renovate and remodel parts of your home? We have many guides in store for you. We have steps to follow on interiors, design and decor, and much more.


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