April 15, 2024


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6 Things to Do on Your Phoenix Vacation


Are you looking for a vacation spot filled with glamorous nightlife, amazing outdoor recreation opportunities, exciting cuisine, and a rich local heritage? If so, then Phoenix needs to be your next destination. But before planning out your trip, you need to find a place to stay. By working with a local, experienced vacation rental management company, you can free yourself from those cramped hotel rooms and experience a beautiful and spacious vacation property. Ideal for groups of any size, vacation properties can truly transform your Phoenix vacation.

Here, we’re taking a closer look into one of the hottest cities in the American Southwest and offering some tips to help you plan the perfect Phoenix vacation. We’re including some of the top sights and sounds of this amazing city that you certainly won’t want to miss. From museums, golf courses, to beautiful outdoor experiences, Phoenix has got it all.


1. Phoenix Zoo

To really make your Phoenix vacation a little wild, be sure to check out the popular Phoenix Zoo. Since 1962, this massive zoo has welcomed countless visitors to meet there over 1,400 animals and miles of walking trails so you can experience these natural wonders first-hand.

The Phoenix Zoo features Asian elephants, cheetahs, African lions, Komodo dragons, and so much more. Offering a mix of both exotic and local animals, the zoo also provides a space allowing you to learn more about Arizona’s unique geography and wildlife.

2. Musical Instrument Museum

If you’ve got a music lover in your group, then you need to drop by Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum. This unique museum is founded on the belief that “music is the language of the soul” by showcasing over 8,000 instruments representing over 200 countries and a wide diversity of cultures.

The Musical Instrument Museums work to enrich our understanding of music and instruments by featuring non-Western instruments and performances to offer your family a truly unique experience.

3. Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Another popular museum, Phoenix’s Children’s Museum has something for the entire family. This fun and interactive museum is sure to keep you and your kids entertained for hours on end. Explore the Children’s Museum designed for kids of all ages by checking out the art studio to create something unique. Or you can explore the engaging Noodle Forest or kick it to the next level with the Pedal Power exhibit. This museum is truly a unique space that is so fun, your kids won’t even realize that they’re learning at the exact same time.

  1. Camelback Mountain

The indoors is just the beginning when it comes to planning your Phoenix vacation. Phoenix is surrounded with jaw-dropping natural beauty and wonders that you must experience to believe. If you’re looking for a nearby hike that you won’t soon forget, check out Camelback Mountain.

Situated just northeast of the city nearer Scottsdale, Camelback Mountain is known for its unique shape and loads of hiking trails. With a few thousand feet of elevation gained in just a few miles, be prepared for a workout. To hike in the Southwest, try for early morning or late afternoon to avoid direct sun and high temperatures and always bring a lot of water.

  1. Phoenix Golf Courses

Explore one of the many green oases that’s popped up all over the city of Phoenix. This city has become a golfer’s dream as it features many of the country’s top golf courses for pros and amateurs alike.

Some of the top golf courses in Phoenix include:

  • The Wigwam
  • The Boulders
  • Quintero Golf Club
  • Grayhawk Golf Club
  • Troon North
  • The Wigwam

6. Taliesin West

Any fan of modern architecture will need to visit the Taliesin West house. Designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this unique structure has been deemed as Wright’s very own “desert laboratory in Arizona.” Explore throughout the property and learn more about the famous architect on a guided tour at this UNESCO world heritage site.


Choosing Where to Stay in Phoenix With a Vacation Rental Management Company

With all the excitement in planning for your Phoenix vacation, you might overlook the most important part of your trip—where will you be staying? While many families may simply opt for the traditional hotel or motel, this doesn’t give you a lot of options in finding the perfect vacation home base.

Instead, more and more vacationers are turning to vacation properties. By staying at a vacation property, you’ll have way more options to find the place that fits your group size and needs. And with a fully stocked kitchen, private pool, or any of the other top vacation amenities, you’ll really be staying in style at a vacation property.


As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix is a can’t-miss destination if you’re headed down to the American Southwest. Filled with museums, hiking, and outdoor recreation, cultural sites, and an endless array of delicious, local cuisine, Phoenix is unlike any other place in the country.

When planning your next Phoenix vacation, don’t forget to check out some of the city’s top attractions, such as the Heard Museum, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Phoenix Zoo, or one of the area’s renowned golf courses. Whether you’re looking to get out into the sun or learn more about this region’s rich cultural heritage, Phoenix has something for you.

However, before you begin planning out all your fun in the sun, be sure that you have a place to stay. Instead of cramming your family or friends into a tiny hotel room, consider booking a stay at a vacation property. Managed by the state’s top vacation rental management companies, vacation properties allow you much more freedom when it comes to finding the perfect home base for your Phoenix vacation.

With more space, options, and top-notch amenities like a full kitchen or even a private pool, a vacation property can truly transform your next vacation—no matter where the road might take you.




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