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Ways to display the American flag for Fourth of July


Whether you’re looking for Fourth of July decorations or are a new way to show off Old Glory on the regular, there are many ways to display the American flag inside and outside of your home.

From flagpoles to frames, here are five proper ways to display the American flag.

1. Fly it from an outdoor flagpole

A house with an American flag hanging from the front.

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Hang the flag on the front of your home for a classic look.

The most common way to display the Star-Spangled Banner is from either a flagpole in the ground outside of your home or a staff projecting from a window, balcony, or a building. To do so respectfully when hanging, be sure to have the union (the blue field with stars) at the peak of the staff or pole. If you’re flying other flags with it, the American flag should always be on the top.

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2. Hang it up on a wall

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With these, you can stick your flag anywhere.

According to the National Flag Foundation, when hanging the flag against a wall (for instance, in an office), it should lie flat with its union should be at the top to the flag’s own right (this is the left when you’re looking at the flag). A sticky putty can help secure the flag to the wall without poking holes it it. For flags with existing hanging holes, try tacks.

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3. Use patriotic bunting

A house with the front decorated with bunting flags.

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For those who just can’t have enough flags, bunting is a popular choice.

While not an actual flag, bunting is another patriotic way to adorn your home with the stars and stripes. Bunting flags look best when hung from a porch railing, along the roofline, or under your home’s windows.

If you’re creating your own by gathering fabric swaths together, arrange the bunting with the blue on top, the white in the middle, and the red below.

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4. Frame it

A framed trifold flag.

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Protect your flag from dust and show it off when with in a sealed frame.

Whether it’s a historical item or a family heirloom from military service, float mounting is the traditional way to show off an unfurled flag in a frame. This technique raises the flag above the mat to add depth and drama, as well as showcases the edges.

For folded flags, the one and only correct way to fold it results in a triangle shape that shows only the union. To properly display the folded flag, it must be placed in a case, box, or bag of that same shape.

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5. Line your driveway with small outdoor flags

A pair of tiny American flags.

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These mini American flags are great for lining driveways and sidewalks with.

For a festive way to build excitement for a Fourth of July outdoor barbecue or get-together, line your pathway with small outdoor flags to greet guests on their way in.

Pro tip: Make sure the flags don’t touch the ground. American flags, no matter how small, should not make contact with the ground.

If you have any questions on specific places to put your flag, refer to the Flag Code, a great guide on proper respect for Old Glory.

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