May 22, 2024


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I’m a cleaning expert – here’s the one thing people forget to clean in their home, and it’s full of germs


A CLEANING expert has revealed the one thing people forget to clean in their home that is full of germs.

Instagram user Jemma has racked up hundreds of followers while sharing genius hacks on her spicandsparkle page.

A cleaning expert has reminded users to clean up their lightswitches


A cleaning expert has reminded users to clean up their lightswitchesCredit: INSTAGRAM
She revealed that they are some of the most touched items in a household


She revealed that they are some of the most touched items in a householdCredit: INSTAGRAM

But this time, rather than sharing a top cleaning hack she has revealed one of the most commonly used home items that is full of germs.

Alongside remote controls and door handles, this clean queen has said that light switches are one of the most touched items in a home.

Jemma, from Glasgow, posted a snap on Instagram showing a chrome light switch covered in smudged fingerprints.

Next to it showed it gleaming after a good clean.

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She told followers: “We can’t forget those light switches!

“One of the most touched things in your house hold with germs on them!”

She’s not the only one who has highlighted the importance of cleaning commonly used household items.

People have taken to social media to encourage others to make sure they were keeping themselves safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

One user mentioned toys, keyboards and mobile phones beside light switches in a list of items that should be cleaned regularly.

While another pointed out: “Light switches are a high-touch surface that is often forgotten when cleaning.”

It comes after a cleaning pro revealed the places people always forget to clean in their kitchen that’ll silently be breeding germs.

This spot and the others might be out of sight and out of mind, but you should pay closer attention, Caroline says.

And if you’ve ever tried to paint a room in your home on your own, you know how messy it can get.

The paint can starts dripping, you get colors on the floor, and your clothes never stays clean.

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A lifestyle and home expert named Katie Lynn, who goes by @simplykatielynn on TikTok, recently shared her advice for properly handling paint—it’s super easy and will save you from a total mess.

Previously, we told how to get every surface in your home to sparkle.

The cleaning guide contains tips for glass, wood, marble and mirrors.

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