July 14, 2024


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How to Choose the Best Throw Blanket for Every Season


When it comes to decorating your apartments nothing could beat the throw blanket – a universal element of bed linen. It can be perfect wrapping to cozy you up and at the same time add a pop of color to your bedroom. Based on the material they are made of, throw blankets could even be considered a good investment. Anyway, if you care about all the little details that make your home stylish and cozy, you need to get this type of bedding.

Choose the Best Throw Blanket for Every Season


When choosing a throw, you can get lost in a variety of types: they come in dozens of textures, weights, fabrics, and sizes. So, before you dive into the abyss of the Internet, looking for the perfect throw blanket, check out some recommendations.

Is It Worth Taking Into Account the Season When Buying a Throw Blanket?

get a warm blanket for the winter season


Compared to other bedding items, like comforters, quilts, and duvet covers, throws are less weighted. They also have a lower density making it easier to cuddle over your shoulders or drape an armchair. Nevertheless, you can use it all year, just pay attention to the material they are made of:

pink throw blanket on bed and armchair

  • Acrylic and polyester chunky knit blanket will perk up your apartments in spring. Pick up throw in delicate floral shades and it will snuggle you up late at night and be a bright accent.

home textile throw pillows and blankets

  • For the summer days pick up a throw blanket made of natural materials: cotton and linen. Cool colors will be the perfect choice to keep your premises fresh.
  • Fleece, cashmere, and woolen throws in neutral colors are indispensable in the winter and fall seasons. Choose it in warm bold shades and make gloomy days brighter.

How Many Throws Will Be Ideal To Have?

stacked blankets in soft colors on a chair

Of course, it would be perfect, if you had a special throw blanket for each season and each family member. But it certainly depends on how much you are ready to spend on it, and how you are planning to store them. If you are focused on styling, designers advise using the “rule of three” to give some asymmetry to the area. Try to combine 2 decorative pillows and 1 throw, 3 pillows and 2 throws, and so on.

warm wool blanket on sofa in living room

In case you live in a moderate climate without strong temperature changes, it makes sense to purchase an all-seasonal blanket. No matter the weather you can use:

  • Cotton throw blankets from breathable fabric to warm you gently and soft;
  • Throws made from wool in a various thickness weave to insulate the heat and wick away moisture;
  • Hypoallergenic fleece throws to protect you from constant sniffing and itching.



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