November 29, 2023


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Watch Ben and Erin Napier’s Never-Before-Seen HGTV Casting Video from 2014

Photo credit: The Washington Post - Getty Images
Photo credit: The Washington Post – Getty Images

From Country Living

  • Erin and Ben Napier are taking fans on a trip down memory lane with a look back at their original HGTV casting video.

  • The clip, which was filmed in 2014, was aired for the first time on July 2 during the HGTV special Home Town: Small Town Salute.

Before Ben and Erin Napier became household names (and put their small city of Laurel, Mississippi on the map), they were just an ordinary couple with big dreams and no formal experience in construction or home design.

Followers of the stars of HGTV’s Home Town know that they were discovered on Instagram by an HGTV executive who fell in love with Laurel through Erin’s photos featuring the hashtag #ILiveInLaurel.

But even die-hard fans have never seen Ben and Erin’s original casting video for HGTV—until now!

The clip, which was filmed in 2014, was aired for the first time on July 2 during an HGTV special titled Home Town: Small Town Salute.

“No one’s ever seen it before, really!” Erin exclaims as she introduces the video.

Ben kicks off the clip by comparing Laurel to Mayberry, the fictional small town in The Andy Griffith Show. “It’s so bizarre and quaint,” he says, and Erin adds, “It’s like a pretty girl that doesn’t know she’s pretty.”

The video goes on to highlight Ben and Erin’s unique home renovation skills—he’s a woodworker and furniture designer, and Erin is an artist with a gift for transforming found materials—as well as their chemistry and affection for each other.

But at the heart of the video is the couple’s love of Laurel and their determination to save their small town one house at a time. Erin gets a dreamy look in her eye as she reminisces about driving into town with her mama when she was little and staring in awe at all the beautiful houses.

“We are so passionate about the history of this town that we want the future to be just as bright,” Ben says.

We love this little look back at where it all began! It’s so heartwarming to see a younger Ben and Erin, full of dreams, passion, and hope, but completely unaware of all the success and happiness that lied ahead of them. Ben even mentions their plans to raise children in Laurel and wanting them to “have that life that people used to have.”

Flash forward to today, and Ben and Erin are now the superstars of the smash hit Home Town and an upcoming spinoff, Home Town Takeover, and the proud parents of 2-year-old daughter Helen. Cheers to you, Ben and Erin!

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