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The Best IKEA Products for Small Spaces


Don’t have a large space in your house? Worry not! You can still have the best of furniture pieces to deck up the available space. Instead of adding a lot of furniture units in a room, it is best to go for creative solutions. For instance, you can look for the best IKEA products for small spaces to best utilize every inch of the available area.

Even the IKEA experts would like to change an inefficient design of a room with some styling. For styling, you don’t require renovating the whole space. Just use minimal yet practical furniture units to make the most out of the given space.

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We understand that small spaces come with their share of challenges. But with the right furniture and styling, you can overcome the challenges. Moreover, you can very well manage to create a dream space with a few multi- or dual-purpose furniture pieces.

Here we share with you some of the best IKEA products for small spaces. From bedroom to entryway, you can have various IKEA pieces in your home to make it is home functional and aesthetic dwelling.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into finding the best IKEA products you need in your small house.

The Best IKEA Products for Small Spaces

Not just two, but you can easily fit up to four or six people on this extendable table. Plus, the extension is very convenient. Only one person can extend it with ease.

Ekedalen extendable table is durable and easy to handle. When extended, it offers you ample space to place plenty of chairs around it. The legs are only at the table’s corner, so you don’t have to worry about them hindering your chairs underneath.

With its extending seating for up to 6 people, this spacious table is ideal for different-sized families. Its solid wood underframe is very sturdy. The extra leaf is easy to store under the tabletop when it’s not in use.

RÅSKOG utility cart – Best IKEA products for small spaces

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The Best IKEA Products for Small Spaces

The kitchen storage utility, RÅSKOG, boasts three sports for stashing things. It even comes with wheels for easy relocation to any place you like. It also does not take up too much space in a kitchen. You can use it as a bar cart, for the nightstand, or book storage. It all depends on your requirement.

The four casters and sturdy construction make this furniture piece perfect for a small space. It is easy to use anywhere you like. It can even fit in congested spaces due to its small size. Moreover, it boasts an adjustable section in the middle to easily move to fit various storage needs.

You can use it in your kitchen, bedroom, hall, or even home office.

BEKVÄM Stepladder – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

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The Best IKEA Products for Small Spaces

Another IKEA piece of furniture for small spaces is the BEKVÄM stepladder. It is practical to store various objects high up but sometimes it is hard to reach the top shelves. But thanks to this step ladder, it is easier to reach the highest cabinet shelves. Moreover, it is aesthetic to look at.

If you are residing in a small living space, you may find yourself willing to store things on high shelves. And, unless you are very tall, you often require a stepladder to get things down to store them with ease. This is where you need the help of the BEKVÄM.

Besides being a practical ladder, it also serves as an extra seat for your guests. And, when you don’t require it, it is easy to fold it and hang it up on a wall using a special bracket. For better quality, you can re-tighten its screws whenever needed. Another good thing about this is that it’s easy to recycle as well for energy recovery, if possible in your community.

Utaker Stackable Bed

Need IKEA pieces for your small space bedroom? If so, consider this Utaker stackable bed. It is a set of two beds that comes as a single bed or sofa. When stacked together, the two beds become a single sofa or bed.

When unstacked, you can use it as a corner sofa, spare bed, or double bed. And, in the morning, if you again need more floor space, again stack them to maximize the space. Converting this furniture unit into a double bed or stacked bed/sofa is very quick and effortless. It is due to its lightweight frames that are very easy to lift and move.

Furthermore, its compact design is ideal for tight spaces or low ceilings. So, you may make the most of the given space. When stacked, the beds stand stable and sturdy due to the plastic feet of the upper bed. These plastic feet are easy to fit into the holes of the lower bed.

The whole construction consists of untreated pine that’s sustainable due to natural variations. This gives each piece an exquisite appearance. With proper glazing oil or paint, it is easier to make its surface more durable and aesthetic.

Lack Coffee Table – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

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Lack Coffee Table - Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

Seeking creative yet practical IKEA small space living room ideas? If so, one of our favorite pieces is the Lack Coffee Table. It is a small unit with a small drawer for storage. Furthermore, it extends on both sides whenever you require extra space.

It even houses a separate shelf for your favorite books or magazines. Hence, you can keep the living space organized and clutter-free.

Ikea Hanging Closet Storage – Skubb

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Ikea Hanging Closet Storage - Skubb

Require more shelves in your wardrobe for folded clothes? If so, you can consider hanging this organized storage in your closet or simply on a freestanding rack. You can use it with other SKUBB products to have better control over your wardrobe.

The fabric of this hanging rack consists of recycled polyester. It also uses waste as a useful resource to take you a step closer to a sustainable future. The product comes with a practical hook and looks fastener that makes it easier to hang it up. If you hold the bottom strap, it’s convenient for you to pull the boxes easily out of their compartments.

The best part is that it takes very little space to store it, as it quickly folds flat. All these features make it a versatile accessory for a closet. If not in a closet, you can also use it to hold shampoo or small towels in your bathroom. Or hang it in the kitchen for storing cleaning supplies.

Norberg Wall-Mount Drop-Leaf Table

Even the smallest kitchen space can make the most of this two-seater table. If you need more floor space, simply fold it down to get back more space in a room. You get more space in a room when it’s folded away.

The tabletop is finished with melamine which gives it a clean and hard-wearing finish. However, it is only recommended for indoor use.

For a table height, you can fix the table onto a wall so its edge reaches a height of 74 cm.

For a bar table height: You may fix the table onto a wall so that its top edge reaches a height of approx. 106 cm, according to the seat height of a chair in a home bar.

Since different wall materials need distinct fixing devices, use the right fixing devices that are suitable to the walls in a home. For better stability, re-tighten its screws two weeks after its assembly or whenever needed.

Sunnersta Kitchen Rail – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

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Sunnersta Kitchen Rail - Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

Every tiny kitchen needs a proper drawer space. But what’s more surprising is a practical alternative for drawer space. For instance, this rail with hooks is one of the best IKEA products for small spaces to consider. It can help you hang up all the kitchen utensils and tools with ease.

It boasts a sleek and modern look and you can buy all sorts of accessories for it, such as drying racks, hooks, or caddies for holding silverware. Plus, it’s easy to install anywhere you like to have things you would like to hang up and keep at your hand’s reach.

Furthermore, it helps you free up the space on a worktop area while keeping the cooking utensils at your arm’s reach. Also, use more hooks for storing your kitchenware on a wall and install more in drawers and cabinets.

Stocksund Storage Bench

Do you have a room for keeping a bench? If so, you can consider adding a storage bench. It is best to hold your linens in your bedroom. Or simply keep off-season coats in it, if you keep it in an entryway. If the Stocksund is very big for you, you can consider buying IKEA Kivik ottoman with storage. The latter piece also acts as a coffee table.

However, if you need a unit with more storage, stick to Stocksund. It is a practical bench to give a warm and cozy feel to the interior. It works well in a hallway, bedroom, or living room.

Moreover, its upholstery is easy to clean in a washing machine once it’s removed.

Hemnes Shoe Storage Cabinets – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

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Hemnes Shoe Storage Cabinets - Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

Wall-mounted storage is important for small spaces. Such shoe storage boxes are ideal for more than just storing shoes. They are just 7-inch deep, so you may easily add them anywhere you like.
You may even stash them with various things on the top of their box or make mega-storage combinations.

Even if there is no space for keeping a lot of spices, you can use these sleek cabinets to store them or any other small items in your house. These are ideal for creating extra storage in the most unlikely places. Be it a bathroom wall or the sides of a cabinet, these are ideal to keep small items corralled.

We have spent too much time praising the wall-mounted shelves for small homes. And, IKEA Hemnes is a good budget-friendly option. You may mount it on the shelves or wall. Or simply keep it on the floor. The installation depends on the available space and your preferences.

Nordli Storage Bed – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

Nordli Storage Bed

Looking for IKEA space-saving bedroom furniture? If so, consider a Nordli storage bed for your small bedroom. Instead of investing in a large bed and putting storage boxes underneath, a well-made storage bed is a good option in itself. It will maximize the available space and also keep your stored items dust-free. Furthermore, it helps in giving a clean and streamlined look to the interior design.

The best part about this furniture unit is its ample storage underneath. It boasts around 6 large drawers that are hidden neatly. These are ideal to store quilts, bed linen, and pillows.

The soft-closing draws run smoothly, silently, and slowly. Moreover, there is storage in the headboard too. This makes it much easier to access boxes stored within. Its soft felt padding helps in absorbing sound while protecting it from scratches while keeping small items properly in place.

You may even choose where you’d like to position these shelves and boxes, as these are convenient to slot the headboard grooves. Furthermore, you may hide the cables of charges and lamps by simply feeding them through the holes at the back of the shelf. So, you get to decide the right height of a headboard as it is attached effortlessly to a wall.

Savalsta Nesting Tables – Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

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Savalsta Nesting Tables - Best IKEA Products For Small Spaces

IKEA offers you various nesting tables. However, the Savalsta Nesting Tables are the best practical and creative options. It is because each one holds the another seamlessly. You can leave the stacked for yourself. Or pull them apart when your guests arrive. Or if you want to put down more drinks or items on them.

These nesting tables have a clean design and a smooth surface that gives them a modern appeal. Meanwhile, its irregular shape gives it more character. So, it is easy to use individually or when pushed together for saving space.

Made of a durable wood-protected finishing, the tables are hardwearing and sturdy. So, you can enjoy them for several years. Since it consists of layer-glued wood, it minimizes wastage during production while maximizing material usage. Hence, it’s also a good choice for reducing the environmental impact.


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