June 25, 2024


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Josh & Matt’s TikTok Famous Melbourne Apartment

Josh & Matt’s TikTok Famous Melbourne Apartment

Josh Jessup and Matt Moss’ TikTok account @joshandmattdesign has gained an average 50,000 new followers every month since mid 2021, and it’s all because of their home. 

Every day, the couple document how they furnish the space to the delight of their followers, all of whom share their penchant for out-of-the-ordinary, playful pieces. 

Josh and Matt’s apartment is located in Melbourne’s iconic Eureka Tower—once the world’s tallest residential tower. They moved into the building six months ago in search of more space for their content creation and art/design business. (Matt works as a software developer by day, while Josh works full time on the content creation.)

Since then, they’ve sourced a huge array of mostly vintage or second hand items—think sculptural lamps, plump seating, and stone plinths in vibrant, clashing colours. 

‘We’ve thought about every single detail, and each piece of furniture, decor and art has been painstakingly picked, created, and curated to reflect who we are and surround ourselves with what brings us joy,’ says Josh.  

‘Whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we are most certainly thirst quenched!’

Josh and Matt’s maximalist style is very much on show in this home, but they’ve also recently introduced some more natural elements to balance the vibrant material palette and city skyline views. ‘We’ve mixed our bright and bold furniture and art with earthy colours, natural wood, stone and an array of sculptural houseplants,’ says Josh.

While there’s always new pieces coming into the home, Josh and Matt make a conscious effort to swap out other items for sustainability. ‘Basically we want every item we have to outlast us… We choose to upcycle first if that’s a possibility, or swap vintage items for other vintage items,’ Josh says.

As Josh and Matt’s followers will already know, the couple’s time in this apartment was short and sweet, as they’re currently moving into a huge house in Hawthorn

‘We loved our apartment and apartment living, but designing and upcycling furniture and art at a larger scale proved to be difficult and we really wanted a workshop and outdoor space that gave us the freedom to create with no limits,’ says Matt. 

Stay tuned for how they style their new property, with its generous garden, garage, cinema room, spa bath, and sweeping staircase!