May 18, 2024


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Boost Your Restaurant’s Appeal


If your restaurant has been in business for a while, it may be time to review its appearance to be sure it’s still attractive to customers. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your eatery is looking its best.


Replace Your Furniture

With the wear and tear your furniture endures daily, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the items most frequently in need of replacement. After several years in business, you likely have more wobbly tables than steady ones, and most of your seating fabrics are probably faded, torn, or stained.

Replacing your old tables and seats with new, comfortable restaurant furniture is one of the easiest ways to boost your bistro’s appeal. It’s also a chance to reset the overall ambiance of your eatery. To find furnishings that will bring in more business, look for options like plush, cushioned chairs and barstools that invite guests to relax, and easily configurable tables to allow for flexible seating.


Boost Your Restaurant's Appeal


Freshen Up Your Paint

Because wall coloring tends to fade gradually, you may not notice the toll that time has taken on your original color scheme. As with replacing your furniture, repainting your interior is an opportunity to not only freshen up your restaurant’s appearance but also to take your look in an updated direction. Colors go in and out of popularity just like any other design choice, so switching up your hues is a quick way to modernize the look of your eatery.

There’s a lot of psychology behind the impact that color schemes have on people, and in restaurants, some tried-and-true recommendations still stand. Reds, oranges, and yellows are associated with excitement and speed and are best used in fast food establishments. Blue is considered a poor choice because it reduces appetites and can reflect onto food and make it look unappealing. In general, sticking with earth tones like greens and browns or neutral grays and beiges will give you a clean, fresh look that is also inviting.


Boost Your Restaurant's Appeal


Exceed Cleanliness Expectations

The coziest furniture and most welcoming color scheme won’t do anything for your appeal if customers perceive your restaurant to be unsanitary. Everything your guests see must be immaculate, so while cleaning tables and seating between guests might seem like enough, don’t overlook keeping the floor tidy as well. Daily mopping is a must, and no spill or splash should be allowed to linger.

Your table settings are an indicator of your kitchen’s cleanliness, so be sure that every dish, utensil, and glass is spotless. Table linens should never show stains, and overhead fixtures should be dusted frequently. Also, keep your windows as shiny as possible, as these are often the first thing customers see and are therefore the first reflection of your commitment to maintaining a clean establishment.

Getting new furniture, refreshing your color scheme, and being a stickler for cleanliness are all ways to up your restaurant’s appeal. These tips should help breathe new life into your bistro and draw in customers for years to come!


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