June 24, 2024


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19 Must-Haves for Your Spring Table and What to Wear


Close up of my table setting.

If you prefer minimal tablescapes but want to do something different then add a pop of color. Choose one item like a colored charger to sit under your neutral plates. You can be bold with hues of pink or greens. I chose a light blue color. If you prefer neutral colors then add a black charger to contrast with your white plates. Contrast is always key for designing the perfect tablscape.

Close up of my hobnail water glasses and antique crystal wine glasses.

Set the tone for your table with glassware. Glass goblets are great for drinking cocktails, sipping juices, and more. I do enjoy tall tumblers too since they’re sturdy and less likely to spill from clumsy guests LOL. I didn’t use them this time. Instead, I used hobnob glasses. I love the texture and how they look on a simple tablescape.

Full view of my courtyard all set up.

Spring dinners are my favorite. Another tip for the perfect tablescape is….fresh flowers! Everyone always appreciates freshly picked flowers that will brighten up the table. It can also be a good conversation starter to get the evening going. Pick flowers that will compliment your table and the vibe of the evening.


Below are some outfit ideas for your next dinner party.

Go to Chirpyest’s blog to see more dresses for spring here.

I know there are a few different holidays over the weekend. Regardless of what you are celebrating, I hope you found some inspiration for your table. Stay safe and enjoy time with your family and friends! Have a happy holiday weekend! 🙂




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