July 14, 2024


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Unique Toddler Gift Ideas | Lark & Linen

Unique Toddler Gift Ideas | Lark & Linen

If you ask my two year old daughter, Ivy, what she’d like to see under the tree on Christmas morning she will consistently, and excitedly, tell you three things: paw patrol bandaids, a chocolate bar, and blue sunglasses (success!). I am just so obsessed with this age – it’s just such a sweet phase of life. And I know that no matter what gift she unwraps, she’s going to be beside herself with glee. I have, of course, fulfilled her own personal wish list. Plus I came up with a few toddler gift ideas of my own that I just know she’ll love, to boot. I thought I might share my findings in case you, too, have a busy two year old on your holiday shopping list as well.

Photo: @Crystal_Nova



1) She’s showing interest in letters right now and I thought this might help

2) One of her little friends has a similar microphone and it’s the first thing she grabs each time we visit

3) Because toddlers in cute pjs is my kryptonite

4) I accidentally bought a set that was non-washable (big mistake – ha). She loved them but we had to put a stop to em’, for obvious reasons. Fixing it now!

5) She’s big into pretend play right now and I know this ice cream making kit is going to be a hit

6) Girl will wear a “spiny dress” at any opportunity. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens this one

7) Helping in the kitchen is one of her favourite activities. I’m hoping this child-friendly knife will continue to encourage it

8) Her “big gift” this year is a dollhouse, so I picked up this little bunny family to go with it

9) Similarly, I’m in love with this set of dollhouse furniture

10) The aforementioned dollhouse (cutest! She’s going to love it!)

11) Because sensory bins are a parents best life hack, I swear – they buy us so much time

12) A bendable, flexible, glow in the dark race track, of course

13) The number one thing on her list <3

14) You can never have enough sidewalk chalk



PS – I also updated my shop to include all our gift ideas in one place for ease of use