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Trendy Small Modular Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022


Small modular kitchen designs are an invention brought about by the rapid growth in urban cities. Modular construction is a newly invented way of designing kitchen spaces. The designs are mostly done in small kitchen spaces where cabinets that are structured in module forms are built-in. The design ensures that each module is an individual part to ease customization and functionality.

Due to the great demand for housing in the cities, apartments are coming up all the time. Housing is also getting more expensive by the day and as a result, most people opt for smaller houses which are a bit cheaper. A small modular kitchen will need great colors and appliances to make it appealing. It also calls for lots of creativity to design the tiny space into a space-efficient design that will also not break the owner’s bank.

The kitchen is mostly the most important room in most households. Most families cook most or all their meals from there and thus creating a need for an exquisite space. Due to the small spaces in the urban houses, it is therefore important that you hire professionals to assist you in putting every inch of your space to use without ignoring the appearance.


How to Enhance Small Modular Kitchen Designs

1. Good Lighting


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Like every space, lighting is a very important component in the design of a small modular kitchen. It is usually a factor that gets ignored up until the final stages of the design. Lighting can be categorized into two; natural light that illuminates during the day and artificial light to be used in the dusk, night, and dawn.

For natural lighting, the first caution is to ensure that no window is blocked by walls or units. Sometimes, you can achieve so much just by replacing a window with a few structural elements. Also, adding a skylight or spotlight to your ceiling could improve the natural lighting a great deal.

For artificial lighting, your preference will be at play a lot. You will need to think more about where to place the lighting. You may have to decide whether you need lighting only on the ceiling or beneath wall units and plinths as well.

One more consideration to factor when placing your artificial lighting is the temperature the light brings. For instance, you should know that cooler lighting with blue and white colors is likely to give your kitchen a colder feel. However, lights illuminating more yellow and red will give the kitchen a more cozy feel.

2. Kitchen Triangle

A kitchen triangle is a design principle that you should pay attention to when designing your small modular kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is divided into three major areas; sink, cooker, and fridge, the arrangement of the three should form a triangle in your design. The triangle design gives the most efficient kitchen layout and it is easy to use. 

3. Settle for quality

Have you heard the phrase “cheap is expensive”? Sometimes we go for cheap compromising on quality which later on gets fatigued without giving us value for money. The most important thing to note is that a budget kitchen is not synonymous with an Upmarket Designer kitchen. Their differences are outlined in functionality and design. It is therefore advisable to go for quality even if it means paying a bit more for it. The service and quality you get are unmatched.


Different Units of a Small Modular Kitchen

They come in different sizes and shapes. They are usually designed for waste. However, they can be used for storage. You can speak to your designer and they could help you understand how you can use Eco bins.

LeMans unit comes with a  sturdy pull-out swing arm. The two arms of the LeMans are fixed to the unit to assist you to pull out items, especially those at the back corner.

  • Glass Fronted Storage Units

These are wall units that have a glass front. They come with internal lighting. They are really important and are mostly used to place plates and glasses. they allow you to find items fast.

The storage units come with shelves that are particularly designed to help you store your cooking ingredients. They have a small rail at the from that makes sure everything stays in its place. You should sample the different types of storage units and settle for what meets your needs.


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Drawers are units that help you arrange your items properly and with ease. They form an interior organization system that is not only beautiful but also efficient.


What is The Price for a Small Modular Kitchen? 

A small modular kitchen price is custom-made for every person depending on their needs. There is, therefore, no definite answer to the question of how much it would cost. However, with as little as £2,500, you can set up a small kitchen. You will need to speak to your designer to get a quote for your preferred design. However, we have three ways in which we think you can save some coins while at it.


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You can choose cheaper options for your tops instead of settling for granite or quartz which are a bit pricy. The idea is attaining permanent fixtures and that can definitely be achieved by other materials such as a laminate worktop. You can use the laminate for a start then maybe upgrade later when finances allow.

Nobody wants to break their back getting things done. However, sometimes it is always the best option you have. A one-stop-shop for the supply of kitchen appliances and installation may cost you more than you are willing to pay. Purchasing kitchens from one company and hiring a freelancer to install them would save you lots of money.

When purchasing the kitchen appliances, you can first settle for the cheaper ones at least in the beginning. You can fix the kitchen with more affordable appliances, then upgrade one at a time. The most important part of a small modular kitchen is ensuring it has the right permanent fixtures. 


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