December 8, 2022


Swing Your Home

The Elicto Power Scrubber is the cleaning tool for all the odd jobs around your home

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TL;DR: Scrub down anything in your home with the Elicto ES-100 Power Scrubber, on sale for 7% off. As of July 11, get one for $110.

When it comes to cleaning your home, you have designated tools for all the major moving parts. The vacuum handles the carpets. The duster handles the tops of fans and cabinets. The broom has the tile and hardwood floors covered. But what do you use when it comes time to tackle the odd jobs around the house? Glad you asked.

Meet the Elicto ES-100 Power Scrubber. With a telescopic design, 90-degree angle spin, and five rotating heads, this cleaning tool is exactly what you need to cut through dirt and grime in all the other random spots around your home. It truly saves the day when it comes time to clean the surface of your cabinets, scrub the tile in the shower, or even get the algae off the sides of the swimming pool.

Here’s a quick look:

With the Power Scrubber, you’ll get a hard short brush, long bristle brush, cotton flannel pad, sponge brush, and scouring pad. Each one easily attaches to the cleaner head and rotates to achieve the cleaning results you’ve been hoping for. It’s gentle enough to work on delicate surfaces like cars and cabinets, but powerful enough to tackle tough, set-in stains and caked-in grime on concrete or walls.

Better yet, thanks to its easily adjustable telescopic handle, you can extend it to reach and clean places you never could before. For instance, you no longer have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the bathtub or dig out your ladder to wipe down the crown molding in your living room. By simply pressing the adjustment button, you’ll be ready for action. Completely cordless, it’s easy to carry from odd job to odd job around your home, and its impressive two-hour runtime will ensure you get everything accomplished in record time.

The Elicto Power Scrubber is exactly the tool you need to conquer all those spots in your home you don’t normally think about. And for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $110 (regularly $119).

Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber — $110

Credit: Elicto