July 14, 2024


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See Inside This ‘Friends’-Themed Home in Ohio Which Even Has a Race Car Bed


A home in Ohio has been completely transformed to resemble the iconic set of Friends, complete with purple walls and even a race car bed.

Fans of the sitcom will instantly recognize Monica Geller’s Big Apple apartment, where most of the gang spent their time, when not in Central Perk.

Monica, along with Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, were six fictional New Yorkers in their twenties, who we watched “navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love.”

Played by Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc, the loveable gang graced our screens for a decade up until 2004.

Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio.
Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio. The three-bedroom home has been styled to resemble Monica’s apartment from ‘Friends’.
Aaron Lee

A superfan decided to channel the nostalgia of the show into a property in Dayton, which they recently listed for sale.

The listing, on Zillow, says: “Could this BE any cuter! This 3 bedroom, 1 bath home is currently a Friends’ themed short-term rental listed on Airbnb. Fully renovated to recreate Monica’s iconic apartment.

“Live in Monica’s apartment or keep it as a wonderful themed Airbnb! Interior updates include paint, flooring, bathroom (mini clawfoot tub to recreate Monica’s bathroom within size constraints).”

The home, located at 1535 Barney Avenue, functions as an Airbnb, and was on the market for $162,000.

The rental listing describes it as “The One Where You Stay at Rachel & Monica’s.” Marketed and owned by Rachel Gannon, she told Newsweek she’s always been a fan of the show.

After snapping it up in November she “worked on it nonstop as far as finding decorations and all of the little accessories go.”

Gannon said: “Definitely chose Friends because it is my all-time favorite show. We usually fall asleep to it every night and it still makes me laugh after all these years. It would be really hard to pick a favorite character, I love them all in different ways.

“But if I had to choose one, I would say Janice. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that voice! And I love all the main characters equally, so I couldn’t choose between them.”

Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio.
Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio. The owner listed the three-bedroom, one-bathroom home for sale for $162,000.
Aaron Lee

She continued: “As far as some of the little details in the home. There’s a notepad by the phone, because Monica would never allow there to not be a notepad by the phone. You’ll usually find a sketch of a ladybug with a top hat, you know, because she’s fancy.

“Paul the wine guy’s broken watch is there. A box under Monica’s bed with candy bars, condoms, and mad Libs. Did my best to find all of the original art on the walls in the show. There is a copy of The Shining as well as Little Women in the freezer. If you look at the kitchen shelves there are a lot of details there.

“Everything from lasagna noodles to barley to a box of animal crackers that Monica as a kid may have carried as a purse. There are also a few jars of Paul Newman sauces, because all of his proceeds go to charity, (unlike Chandler’s)! Some of these references might be a little deep.

“But I spent a lot of evenings watching the show finding tiny little details to put in there that people would appreciate. Upstairs in Rachel’s bedroom there is of course a romance novel by the bed and a notepad where she has been working on writing her own romance novel. And then of course there is the iconic race car bed.”

Fans of the show will know the unique bed appears in the aptly named “The One with the Race Car Bed,” from episode seven of Season 3.

Other notable inclusions are Joey’s cuddly toy penguin, Hugsy, the frame around the door, the artwork above the T.V., and a scaled-down version of Monica’s claw-foot tub.

After listing the property, which is now pending a sale, Gannon said: “Honestly I wasn’t expecting the house to be as popular as it was but we ended up with a ton of showings, multiple offers, and it went pending over asking.”

Some ten seasons spanning a decade aired on our screens from 1994, but despite the TV show ending years ago, hype remains around the series.

A hotly-anticipated reunion was screened in 2021, while reruns of the show proved wildly popular on Netflix, becoming the most-watched show on a subscription streaming service in the U.K., an Ofcom report from 2018 showed.

Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio.
Interior shots of 1535 Barney Avenue, Ohio. The home includes numerous ‘Friends’ details, including a race car bed.
Aaron Lee


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