July 14, 2024


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Remodeling the Kids’ Bathroom – House Pro

Remodeling the Kids’ Bathroom – House Pro

Any kind of renovation with the kids in mind can be difficult to plan. You want it to suit them as they are now, but you also want something that they can grow into so you don’t end up having to redo it all in a few years after they’ve had a growth spurt. When it comes to the kids’ bathroom, let’s look at some key things you might need to consider and include in your renovation.

Age appropriate

The first thing to consider when planning to remodel the kids’ bathroom is how old they are. If they’re reaching the teen years, then there won’t be much else to consider compared to a bathroom for adult use, but make sure they have plenty of storage space to help keep it tidy. Younger children will need more considerations, such as fixtures and storage that they can easily reach and safety features to prevent them from slipping when they start to find their feet (we’ll come back to this later). While they’re young, you’re likely to still be bathing them, so a spacious and comfortable bath is more important than a shower.

Long-lasting for future use

Hanging a low mirror in the bathroom at the right height for the kids to see is a good idea, and one that can be easily adjusted as they grow. However, fitting a low toilet or sink is more permanent. It’s ideal for use now, but will become less comfortable as they grow older and taller. If you want to avoid lowering the fixtures too much for this reason, another option is to include a step-stool to help them reach the height easily and safely. This can be stored in the vanity to keep it out of the way or even built in to the bottom of the vanity and pulled out to be used.

Important safety features for kids’ bathrooms

It’s hard to stop kids from running around, but this can get dangerous on the wet bathroom floor. Bathmats and bathroom rugs can help to avoid slipping, but it’s also a good idea to install non-slip tile. This can be useful for both your floors and around the bath/shower. Non-slip tile is textured to add more grip even when it gets wet.

Hot water can pose a danger to kids in the bathroom as well, so it’s advisable to have temperature controls fitted to your faucets. These can prevent the water coming out reaching too high a temperature, and it can also stop the faucets and pipes themselves from becoming too hot to touch.

If you need help designing your kids’ bathroom remodel or installing child-friendly safety features, then contact HousePro Home Improvement for our expert services in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and the surrounding communities.