July 14, 2024


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Perfect Hideaways: A Seaside Escape At Condover


Step inside this blissful seaside retreat in the coastal town of St. James, along the Cape peninsula. Condover is a place with irrefutable style, only 40 minutes from the city – the Perfect Hideaway to embrace the quiet nature of seaside living.

What is it about living by the sea that holds such eternal appeal?

Could it be those early morning moments of waking up with the sun, slipping out of your sleeping attire and into a bathing suit, grabbing a towel and wandering down to the shoreline, performing a few sun salutations before submerging yourself into the invigorating salty blue?

What about the ever-changing moods, tones, currents and colours of the ocean, that somehow nurture a reassurance of our own temperament?

Could it be those barefoot frolics on the boardwalk with our favourite people, for hours on end, lapping up the rays as the waves lap over the sand, marking their perpetual patterns of life? What about the culture of the community that comes with it; the clusters of cafés, curious vintage stores and dusty bookshops, ice cream hatches and quaint garden nurseries with their blooms spilling out onto the walkways?

Could it be all of it, alongside the romantic notion of the person we become beside the sea? The living, breathing creative connoisseurs of our imagination, birthed into motion. With wild sun-bleached hair and a salty swagger in our steps, we find ourselves living our best lives.

A welcome break

That’s exactly what happens in the village of St. James. Where the venerable preside amongst the quirky, the gulls flock around fishermen boats, the seals surf the waves, the mountain and sea air meet like lifelong acquaintances, as the days foster a timeless existence of belonging.

Rooted just behind the road, tucked into the ankles of the mountain and overlooking the deep, abiding blanket of blue, Condover earnestly welcomes you in and promptly opens the chapters to your own anthology of a life beside the sea.


Set on two levels of brilliant bright colours, with an edgy, slick, pop art affair happening in every space – yet nurtured by nostalgia at every turn too – this hideaway makes a bold and endearing statement, thanks to its voguish owner – a well-reputed sovereign of style.

Four bedrooms occupy the top floor with more curious artwork taking a backseat to the views looking up towards the mountain behind, out into the garden below or all the way over the ocean to False Bay and beyond.

A serene interior

The main bedroom being ensuite with a free-standing ball and claw bathtub gives way to the rest of the family to make use of the indoor-come-outdoor shower room where the bedrock has been exposed and the gatherings of moss and creeping ivy only add to the romance.

Tall windows swamp the rooms with natural light that lasts until the mid afternoon when the sun disappears behind the mountain and the colours of the sea begin to change once again. Time to light the fire and occupy the downstairs living spaces where window seats, big comfy sofas and long recliners are the perfect reading nooks.

A baker’s banquet is subsequently spread across the dining table. A game of ping pong works up an appetite for the platters of fresh seafood that’s grilling in lemon with dollops of butter and dill and capers and charred artichokes on the weber outside.

A quick saunter down to the sea for another dip before gathering on the large lookout deck, tipple in hand and hot buttery ciabatta in the other. Some are still inside playing games, others are on the stoep watching the boats sail by, whilst the rest are on the deck, licking those greasy garlic fingers and catching the last of the day’s hidden rays. As the evening settles in so does the salty air. Thoughts of that good novel and those comfy beds occupy your intent. You’ll slip back into that seaside sleeping attire and drift off with the chapters of your own anthology of what living your best life is simply all about.

Sound like heaven? We surely think so! Book your next getaway at Condover online at Perfect Hideaways.


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