April 15, 2024


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Nihi Sumba – Bali Interiors


The Arrival


When you arrive at the airport in Bali, there is a team of people waiting for you to take care of your check in. The VIP experience starts here. I literally handed over my luggage and my vaccination certificate and off they went to sort it all out.  They did all of it for me! I thought to myself that I could seriously get used to travelling like this! They were there to help me right up until the moment of boarding without being intrusive at all. They came at the right times to notify me of everything, even when it was time to board my plane. 

Once I arrived in Sumba, I got picked up in a cool safari style car that made me think, I’m in for an adventure (albeit a luxury one!). In the car there was a coconut and the most delicious brownies ever waiting for me. The trip to the hotel from the airport took about an hour and a half so the coconut and brownie came in handy. I loved that there is a bit of a journey to get to the hotel. I got to see a little bit of Sumba and the traditional buildings and village life.


Soon you arrive at the top of the hill and there it is –  the beach where Nihi is located. A huge bay where you can’t even see the hotel, you just see this wild beach and palm trees all along it. It was a “pinch me” moment. I was here, at Nihi Sumba.


When you arrived at the hotel, they designate a person who will be your personal concierge for your entire stay. My concierge was Simson.  He took care of me and anticipated all of my needs. I was in touch with Simson via Whatsapp and he helped with any enquiries, requests or anything I needed during your stay. This is for sure one of my favourite things about Nihi and I can see why it has been voted best hotel in the world. Their service was simply outstanding.


On my first afternoon at Nihi I was lucky enough to see the turtle release. I have seen some turtle releases before,  so I wasn’t expecting anything too different. But the turtle release in combination with the magical sunset and the view of this extensive wild beach nearly brought me to tears. ( You can check it out here.)

Wow, within only a couple of hours of being here, I was starting to understand why this place has a magic that is hard to imitate.



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