May 18, 2024


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Madini: Lago Introduces the N.O.W. Sideboard


The latest N.O.W sideboard from Lago is an innovative, patented glass storage unit. A statement piece for your living room, now available from agents Maldini in South Africa.

Vertical panelling creates a sense of rhythm with the N.O.W. sideboard and alters the status quo, moving away from the traditional perception of storage space.

Hidden behind is a patented opening built to stand the test of time. You can create limitless chromatic moods, personalising each and every panel of the glass unit – the perfect expression of everything N.O.W. (“Not Only White”) has stood for since the launch of the popular N.O.W. wardrobe.

Clear, bronzed-effect glass doors with accent lighting subsequently give the item stored behind them a warm glow and sense of importance. Furthermore, this creates a playful aesthetic in which the furniture’s display and storage functions interact. Sideboards, wall units and storage units are thus available for every room in the house. Choose the width, with measurements in increments of 20 cm, and the height (3 available), to meet your every furnishing need.


Sophisticated features:

An innovative opening

A patented mechanism exploits the elasticity and resistance of spring steel and is the standout feature of this glass unit. A gentle press of the hand is all it takes to open the doors.

Outstanding details

Glass (8 mm thick) has been integrated into the door, with no need for a frame or any other support. This subsequently preserves the unit’s clean lines.

The option to apply LAGO colours or XGlass finishes to each glass panel leads to infinite chromatic and textural moods. Furthermore, this is the perfect fit for any interior.

The N.O.W. sideboard comes in a range of sizes from 73 cm to 3 m. Use it as storage, create an elegant wall composition or construct a central, architectural partition to divide up your space.

Innovative sideboards you can customise in their size, colour and finish make the ideal furnishing solution for all areas of the home. From the living room to the bedroom, as well as the hallway and other passageways.


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