November 29, 2023


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How Glass Fire Doors Play Important Role in our Life?

Fire doors explained: A beginner's guide

Fire doors take this name since they have the function of preventing the distribution of fires, within any property. They are ideal doors for this type of risk situation, since they have a design that allows quick access to other rooms, whenever necessary. These types of doors are also called RF (fire resistant) doors, and they are designed from various resistant materials such as metal or glass.

How Is The Design Of The Fire Doors?

Like everything in the world, there is more than one type of fire door, which can vary depending on their design and their manufacturing material. The most used ones acquire the name of “metallic pivoting doors”. The standard design of this type of door consists of resistant materials, capable of preventing the passage of gases to other rooms.

Functions of Fire Door

As we have mentioned previously, fire doors fulfill the function of preventing the passage of fire to other rooms. However, there have been cases where the fire is very serious, and the only thing that the glass fire doors manage to do is delay the passage of it to another room.

Fire doors have compartments that serve to prevent the passage of gases to other rooms. In addition, these types of doors also have a self-closing system, which performs the function of automatically closing the door after a person opens it. We must remind you that as these types of doors are used for emergencies, they cannot be locked, and they must always remain open.

What Are Their Characteristics?

Fire doors are usually designed to be installed in large spaces. This is because the large space favors a quick exit in risky situations. These doors can be used for intensive practices, since they will always maintain their only function: To prevent or delay the passage of fire to other areas.

As we said before, there are different types of fire doors, for that reason, their design can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. You must bear in mind that no matter how they are designed, this type of door will always fulfill its main function. However, we must warn you that it is very important that their installation is adequate, since it will depend on it that the objective of preventing the passage of fire is duly fulfilled.

If you wish to obtain a perfect installation, we recommend that the closure be of the highest quality. In most cases, a technology called electro-magnet is used, which serves to completely seal the door. Remember that it is vitally important that the RF door prevents the passage of both fire and smoke.

Finally, we must tell you that these types of doors are so effective, thanks to the fact that they go through a large number of intensive security controls.

Types Of Fire Doors

The most common fire doors to find are: The leaf door and the guide door. The leaf door tends to be the most common, and is made of sheet steel. Its steel plates have a rock wool filling, which fulfills the function of preventing high temperatures from passing from one plate to the other. For this reason, these types of doors are usually very resistant.

However, the guide door is made of a galvanized material. This type of Glass fire doors depends on the space where they will be installed, since they adapt to the necessary dimension. In the same way, the guide door is very resistant to high temperatures.

What Maintenance Does a Glass Fire Doors?

Glass fire doors are usually subjected to intensive tests, and maintenance that ensures their quality. Thanks to the preventive maintenance that is usually applied to this type of door, we can ensure that its properties remain intact.

During the maintenance of fire doors, their closing is evaluated, since this plays an important role in risk situations. In addition, this type of doors cannot have any type of bumps or deformations.

At the time of maintenance, all the elements of the door must be in good condition. The following must be examined: The lock, the handles, the hinges, the door closer, the glass, among others.

As we mentioned before, the operation of the self-closing device is of the utmost importance in this type of door. To ensure its operation, specialists tend to assess whether there are any obstacles, the speed with which the door closes, the adjustment of the frame and the condition of the leaves.

The duration of the fire door regulations uk in general is a maximum of 20 years. However, when it comes to doors that are used in intensive practices, and fulfill the function of saving lives in risky situations, it is advisable to change them in a much shorter period of time.

If you have to repair this type of door, we recommend that you only use original spare parts of the highest quality. Finally, you must remember that fire doors must be evaluated, and, in addition, they must undergo certain types of maintenance required by law, to guarantee their optimal operation.