May 21, 2024


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Home Town’s Erin Napier Opens Up About Scary Incident That Happened To Her Family A Year Ago


If you’ve checked out even just a few episodes of the HGTV hit Home Town (which has kicked off its own franchise), you’ll know that stars Ben and Erin Napier hold several things dear to their hearts. This, of course, includes their desires to bring old / abandoned homes and items back to life and using that love to help revitalize small towns like theirs, but it also really includes their love for their family and two young daughters. Erin Napier has spoken openly about a number of parenting struggles before, and now she’s opened up about a scary incident that happened to her family just last year.

What Scary Time Did Erin Napier’s Family Go Through A Year Ago? 

While Home Town viewers tune in to watch Erin Napier and her husband, Ben, take old houses that have usually fallen into some state of disrepair and bring out their full potential, something you won’t see much of on the series is a lot of their two young daughters, Helen (4) and Mae (11 months). The home renovation experts have only shown brief glimpses of Helen on the show before, and usually choose to hide their kids’ faces on the series and social media. Now, Napier has taken to Instagram to talk about a very scary time that the family went through, starting on May 4 a year ago, revealing:

Ben started getting messages from lots of folks in town about a 54 year old California man dressed like a Star Wars storm trooper, wearing an ankle monitor bracelet, who had come to town and was saying some very strange things. Things like, ‘God sent me here to protect the women of Laurel, specifically little Helen.’ He had bought a house a block from ours and was living in it with nothing but a suitcase and these toys for when my 3 year old daughter ‘comes over to visit.’ Ben saw red, his blood boiled. I was terrified and 9.5 months pregnant. In those two weeks that followed, before he was finally sent back to CA, he found Mal and Jim’s baby girl on walks with her nanny and said unsettling things. Disgusting things. We all had 24 hour security officers at home, while we slept, while we worked. Helen asked who they were and why they were here, and we never told her the truth. ‘They work with us! They’re friends of ours who are staying with us for a little while!’


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