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Graduation 2022: Home and party decorations


Con-GRAD-ulations, class of 2022! You’ve made it to the finish line after years of hard work. Put your party hats on because we’re celebrating.

What better way to close off an era than to throw a party? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite graduation home decorations to help you celebrate your 2022 graduate:

Congrats Grad Banner | Amazon

Congrats Grad Banner | Amazon

Let your entire neighborhood know that your family is getting one degree hotter! The Congrats Grad Banner isn’t the most subtle party decoration but, to be fair, it does make a great party prop. For $17.00, this banner ranges in 4 different colors and has 5 star ratings. Nothing but the best for the graduate.

Food will be served, right? YuBoBo 2022 Graduation Cupcake Toppers are the cutest way to decorate simple cupcakes and transform them into high-end looking sweets. It comes in a pack of 48 pieces, fit to feed an entire community and comes in blue, pink, gold and green. For $11.98, you can bet all the cupcakes will be gone before the party ends.

You made cupcakes, but let’s hope you didn’t forget the plates and utensils. This Party Supplies Graduation Dinnerware has all the things you need to keep the night perfect. Tablecloth, plates, utensils, cups, napkins and a banner are all included in this set. It can be all yours for $28.99.

2022 Graduation Balloon Boxes Decoration | Amazon

2022 Graduation Balloon Boxes Decoration | Amazon

There’s nothing like a great photo prop to spice up a party. The 2022 Graduation Balloon Boxes Decoration is an eye-catching way to attract friends, family and neighbors to your doors. Standing at $25.99, this decoration is currently Amazon’s choice. It’s lightweight boxes are foldable and reusable so you can save them for another celebration.

A sweet way to get everyone involved with your graduation party is to have the Graduation Card Box with Advice Cards for $17.99. Everyone in attendance will write the graduate one piece of advice and put it in the box. For future endeavors, the grad will open the box and read your advice to help them get through difficult days. It’s a cute way to remember people by, especially if graduation means saying goodbye to long-time friends.

Yard Sign Class of 2022 | Walmart

Yard Sign Class of 2022 | Walmart

Maybe you don’t want too many decorations or maybe you want to fill every square inch of your property with party things. Either way, consider the Yard Sign Class of 2022 as a simple (but not really) form of decor. Standing at $12.99, place it on gates, walls or have the attendees hold it for a picture.

Speaking of photos, you can’t have a party without the photo props. for $11.99, you can get the 2022 Graduation Party Photo Props and take pictures that will last a lifetime. This package comes with 28 props and can fit most adults and teens. Some of the props are also suitable for other celebrations, so it’s really the perfect one time purchase.

Congrats Grad Garland | Walmart

Congrats Grad Garland | Walmart

You can’t have enough party decorations, but if there’s one thing that we recommend, it’s the Congrats Grad Garland for $10.99. Fill the frames with friends and family or pictures of the grad from K-12. It’s a great way to memorialize their achievements.

Add yard sings to your list, there’s a party! The Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations are now $34.99 as opposed to the original price of $39.99. This package comes in a set of 8 so you can pick and choose which sign fits in with your exterior decor.

Have your guests walk through interactive decor with the Orange Decoration Dangler Drop. For $18.99, you can imagine babies and pets being absolutely immersed with these decorations.

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