June 17, 2024


Swing Your Home

Get Inspired: 6 Vanities That You Need to See


2. Earthy Spa-Like Vanity

The combination of natural materials with luxurious finishes gives this vanity a spa-like feel. The wood details are a simple touch that really transforms the space into a serene atmosphere.

3. Not Your Basic Morning Vanity

If you’re one who loves an all-white bathroom, then this is the vanity for you. It’s clean and features white marble walls and a matching countertop. The exposed sink is a unique design, which makes the vanity a focal point of the room.

4. Brass and Stone Vanity

This stunning custom bathroom is featured in a 1930s Spanish-style home. The stone vanity is custom with brass fixtures.  I adore the machine-honed terrazzo flooring and stone detailing to make the bathroom look cohesive while letting the vanity shine.

5. Colored Tile Wall

Make the wall behind your vanity a statement. The designer added emerald-colored tile to contrast with the neutral bathroom. It’s a great technique to add drama to your vanity era.

6. Californian Vanity

For a more subtle vanity, this designer added different-sized tiles to create an organic-looking textured wall. I love the painted arched window that cabinets the brown tones.


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