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Swing Your Home

Essentials for students moving house for university


12:51 PM July 13, 2022

It’s never easy letting them go, but ensuring your teenager has everything they need before they move out can give you peace of mind.

“It’s always difficult when our loved ones fly the nest,” says Tina Barkway, trading director at Norfolk department store, Aldiss. “However, one thing that can help you prepare is making sure they have the home essentials for a great start to their new life.

Below, Tina shares her essential university starters checklist, so you can make sure nothing is forgotten.

1. A saucepan set

“University is a good time for young people to experiment in the kitchen and develop their culinary skills,” Tina shares. “Therefore, it’s good to invest in a saucepan set, so they can gain confidence and try out new recipes.”

5 piece stainless steel saucepan set from Aldiss department store in Norwich

A five-piece saucepan set will ensure students have everything they need to cook meals for themselves and their housemates.

– Credit: Aldiss

2. A full dinner set

Plenty of plates and bowls are essential, whether they be matching or mixed, along with mugs and cutlery.  A few glasses in different sizes are useful, ready for parties!

Denby Intro blue dinner set from Aldiss department store in Norwich and Fakenham

A matching dinner set, like Denby’s Intro collection, includes large and small dinner plates and bowls.

– Credit: Denby / Aldiss

3. Kettle and toaster

The university’s halls of residence may come equipped with some kitchen appliances – but it’s always worth checking beforehand. If not, buying a kettle and toaster should be top of your to-do list.

“At Aldiss, you can find matching toasters and kettles in a selection of colours for a stylish finish,” Tina says. “You should add a panini press to your shopping list. It’s ideal for quick lunches when they’re running late to class.”

Cream microwave, kettle and toaster from Kensington, on sale at Aldiss department store in Norwich

Find matching kettle, microwave and toaster sets at Aldiss, ideal for student kitchens.

– Credit: Kensington / Aldiss

4. Kitchen utensils

A well-stocked kitchen is vital for students to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

“I recommend purchasing a block of sharp knives and other essentials like wooden spoons, spatulas, peelers, pasta servers and can openers,” Tina adds.

It’s also a good idea to purchase food storage containers, baking trays and roasters. Students can then prepare large servings of budget-friendly meals and store leftovers which they can quickly reheat and enjoy another night.

5. Bedding

Most halls of residence come with a bed and mattress, but students will need to bring their own bedding.

“Find a pair of anti-allergy pillows and a hypoallergenic duvet, to help regulate body temperature at night,” Tina advises. “Buy two duvets – a 4.5 tog for summer and a 10.5 tog for the colder months.”

Investing in a mattress protector will help keep the mattress clean and make it easier for students to reclaim their housing deposits.

Don’t forget duvet covers, pillowcases and bottom sheets. It’s best to buy two or three of each, in case of spills or damage.

 “We have a wide selection of bold, patterned and plain duvet cover sets, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste,” Tina shares.

Patterned grey duvet cover from Aldiss department store in Norfolk

Select a patterned duvet cover to add style and warmth to their bedroom.

– Credit: Chris Hyslop / Aldiss

6. Towels

“Purchase two or three tea towels to ensure they have spares – student kitchens can be messy!” Tina says.

Explore Aldiss’ towel collections to find bath sheets, face cloths and hand towels in matching hues, so they have everything they need for their cleansing routine.

7. Hamper basket

Students will need to do washing while at university and will need to come equipped.

“Buy a washing hamper so they have somewhere to store dirty clothes and a laundry basket to carry them to and from the shared laundry facilities,” Tina recommends.

8. Office desk and chair

Few spaces will be more important than the study area. This is why taking the time to pick out a desk and office chair that’s comfy and long-lasting is a beneficial endeavour.

You’ll need to consider how much space their room has. It’s a good idea to buy a desk that’s easy to move. A minimal desk design will fit with an array of interior styles, and an office chair will provide some much-needed back support during lengthy study sessions.

Spritz office desk ideal for student bedrooms from Aldiss furniture store in Norwich and Fakenham

A desk will ensure students have a dedicated space to study and revise.

– Credit: Aldiss

9. Additional storage

It’s also worth investing in some simple storage solutions, to help keep their rooms neat and organised.

“Purchasing a small bookshelf will give them a dedicated space for their course reading materials,” Tina suggests. “Often in student halls, clothing space is limited, so investing in organisers and under bed clothes storage will allow them to pack additional outfits without cluttering the room.”

10. Decorative accessories

No student room is complete without some decorations to make it feel like a home-away-from-home.

“A decorative clock will liven up the space and make sure they’re never late for class,” Tina says. “Wall mirrors can make the room feel larger and give them a dedicated space to get ready. For an added stylish, homey touch, vases and flowers are ideal to brighten up the room.”

Soft furnishing like rugs, cushions and throws will create a welcoming atmosphere, great for when students want to bond with housemates with a movie or game night.

To find everything your teen needs for university, head to or visit Aldiss’ stores in Norwich and Fakenham.


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