July 12, 2024


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Chaleureux: Stunning Lights For A Contemporary Space


Modern light solutions are constantly evolving and we’re drawn to new and eyecatching pieces that radiate beauty and light. In fact, light, like art, has a way of communicating with the soul and bringing a fresh perspective to a room. The latest collections from Chaleureux are the perfect example. Here stunning lights create the ideal contemporary space.

Feature Lighting

Today lighting is more than just a functional element. It becomes a statement piece. A beautiful installation above a staircase or a kitchen island can be a showstopper and create a beautiful feature in the room. Take, for instance, the Bubbles 3D Suspension Light from Chaleureux. Each bubble seems to be afloat in space, creating a mesmerising installation with a play of height, depth and light.

The Asher 6 Ball Chandelier is another contemporary piece that plays on the circular shape of the balls suspended from golden rods. The various angles together, create beautiful feature lighting in the home. Ideal to light up a dining room, kitchen or entryway.

Crystal Chandeliers

A hallmark of exclusive design, the crystal chandelier quickly enhances any room. It must be the radiance of crystals, the reflective qualities of the materials and the overall impression as the entire installation comes to life. The Alexandria Crystal Chandelier from Chaleureux combines metal and crystal into an extraordinary piece. If you want to create luxury and elegance, this chandelier will certainly tick all the boxes.

Contemporary Materials

Eyecatching pieces often combine a mix of contemporary materials. Iron and glass, copper and gold. These intricate details make for an exciting luminaire in any space. The Autumn Leaf Chandelier from Chaleureux Lighting is a modern take on a 3-layered light. Here, multiple copper casings form the leaf structures that carefully caress each bulb.

Chaleureux creates and supplies modern, sophisticated and eco friendly solutions to prestige local and international projects. Furthermore, the aim is to build dreams, enhance the living experience, and create magical spaces. Their services, therefore, include design, supply and fit, the turnkey solution for clients becomes an exciting and stress-free journey.

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