July 12, 2024


Swing Your Home

Amazon unveils new devices including Astro, a home robot

The robot named Astro can check in on your home and show you a live view when you’re away through an app.

Meet Astro, Amazon’s newest invention in home technology.

A lot more advanced than just yelling “Alexa, play…,” Astro is a home robot designed to help customers with a range of household tasks like home monitoring and keeping up with family. 

Astro encompasses new technological advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor technology, and voice and edge computing.

Let’s dive into how this robot on wheels brings The Jetsons to 2021.

Astro can move freely around your home, navigate to check in on specific areas, show you a live view of a room through the Astro app or even send alerts if it detects an unrecognized person.

Not only will keep a close eye on things, but with Alexa Guard, Astro can detect a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or glass breaking and send an alert to your phone. 

The idea is to keep your home safe even when you’re not there.

The robot on wheels also helps customers look out for family members and those who need extra care.

“Your loved one can ask Astro to set and deliver reminders, or you can use ‘Drop In’ to stay connected,” the Amazon team said in a release. “When used with ‘Alexa Together,’ a new service designed to help family members feel more comfortable and confident living independently, family members can set up Reminders and receive alerts to give caregivers the reassurance that their loved ones are active and going about their day.”

And as home camera security popularity grows, Astro also works with Ring. You can set Astro to autonomously patrol your home when you’re out and proactively investigate when an event is detected.

A lot like calling on Alexa to turn the lights on, give you the news of the day, or playing a song, Astro is like Alexa on the go. The device can follow you from room to room while playing your favorite shows, podcasts or music.

Amazon also put emphasis on safety, privacy and customer control when creating Astro with artificial intelligence. The robot has multiple safety features, layers of privacy and security to keep users in control of their experience, as well as keeping their data safe.

Although it hasn’t been released to the public yet, Astro will cost $1,449.99, but as part of the Day 1 Editions program, it will be available for an introductory price of $999.99 with a six-month trial of the Ring Protect Pro subscription included.