July 17, 2024


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3 Quick Tips for Shelf Styling

3 Quick Tips for Shelf Styling

shelf styling tips

Want to take the perfect shelf-ie?

1. Start fresh

Lay everything out in front of you. This will be easier to visualize and create a cohesive palette, instead of fighting with a shelf that already has stuff on it. It always helps to begin with a clear mind and a blank canvas.

bar and pantry

2. Ensure your shelf has grounding pieces

Start with your largest items to create focal points to style around. Follow the rule of thirds. Objects grouped in threes appeal to us visually, especially if they vary in height, size and/or texture. Rule of three makes styling much easier.

bar shelving

Each shelf has its own light. The light bounces off each piece differently, so visually that changes the overall look and feel of the shelf.

Learn more about this gorgeous bar on Instagram.

3. Leave visual breaks

Too many items grouped together look like clutter. Make sure to leave some breathing room between pieces/groups.

uncluttered book shelf

Bonus tip

Books can be displayed standing up or lying down. Books laying down can be used to give items some height.

Here’s an essential tip to remember when budgeting for decor.

Shelf styling is one of those things that can enhance the architectural/millwork in a space.

Contributed by JLD designer, Christine Filicetti.

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